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“Fellaini get out of my girlfriend’s DMs.”

The son of a politician has taken to social media to expose Manchester United player Marouane Fellaini for sending private messages to his girlfriend, an ex-Love Island star.

The 30-year-old World Cup Semi Finalist sent a short message to Tina Stinnes, 23, via her Instagram inbox.

“Hey. How are you?” the message reads. But her boyfriend Matthew Mawhinney, the son of Baroness Scotland, was far from impressed when he found out and decided to out him.

He uploaded to his own profile the midfielder’s attempts to chat up Tina and said: “Fellaini get out of my girlfriend’s DMs.”

Fellaini is known for dating Playboy models and porn stars.

Tina, started dating politician’s son Matthew earlier this year. She initially found fame on TV’s Made in Chelsea, dating Jamie Laing, 29, and Alex Mytton, 27. She also had a fling with show badboy Spencer Matthews, 29, who recently married Irish model Vogue Williams, 32.

Tina and Matthew

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